Employment & Labor

Employment is not merely about earning a living. It is about achieving set goals, being treated fairly and respectfully, and maintaining self-esteem. When these principles are violated, it’s our mission to set things right.

In a fast-paced, 24/7 business climate where the lines are frequently blurred between our professional and personal lives, workplace disputes can ruin lives, damage reputations, disrupt impeccable careers, undermine business opportunities, diminish financial security, and negate customer goodwill for employees and employers alike.

That is why at the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C. it is our mission to quickly, decisively, and effectively work to set things right so that our clients survive, thrive, and prosper.

Our Employment & Labor attorneys have successfully handled thousands of matters for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits. We visualize the “big picture” in each client’s matter and customize our representation to fit its individual needs.

We see the “big picture.” When an issue is unique, we give it extra scrutiny.  We pride ourselves on our ability to research and develop solid, creative, and original legal theories that support each client’s distinct situation. We’re able to do that because we don’t just practice law. We are legal thought leaders, published writers, and respected seminar presenters. We set the bar among attorneys for advancements in Employment & Labor Law.

Individualized Strategies

Our Employment & Labor attorneys are known for their tenacious advocacy and their ability to develop and implement individualized strategies that support our clients, particularly when their lives or businesses have been thrown into turmoil.

For clients with severance package disputes, we are known as assertive, shrewd negotiators who seek a quick resolution, so that clients can receive an income stream again as soon as possible.

But when aggressive litigation is necessary, we’re ready for it. We have successfully handled thousands of administrative and court cases, and we will not be deterred from fighting for what’s right. Results matter, and you can count on our experience, determination, and out-of-the-box thinking to achieve the best results possible for your legal situation.

We handle a full range of Employment & Labor Law issues including:

  • Severance packages– negotiating or expanding severance packages for employees who have been laid off, terminated, or discriminated against
  • Disciplinary matters– representing private, federal, state, and municipal employees facing discipline or termination
  • Professional licenses– representing all types of career professionals in disciplinary actions
  • Disability claims– helping employees obtain long- and short-term disability benefits from private, employer-provided or government-provided sources
  • Unemployment compensation– representing employers and employees at referee hearings and in the appeal process
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements– counseling employees and employers on enforceability and obligations
  • Employer retaliation– protecting the rights of employees to engage in legally protected activities that improve their pay or working conditions with or without a union
  • Wrongful termination– counseling employees as to their rights under Pennsylvania’s “employment at will” standard
  • Social media– protecting the interests of employees and counseling employers on emerging issues in workplace social media usage
  • Wage and hour violations– helping individuals receive the compensation they are entitled to under the law
  • Executive and employee counseling– helping professionals maintain their jobs by advising on specific workplace issues
  • Employer counseling– advising on hiring, discipline, termination, workplace rules, sick leave policies, and legal policies
  • Executive employment contracts– negotiating provisions including job descriptions, salary, bonuses, commissions, retirement benefits, stock options, severance packages, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Arbitration clauses– advising as to the enforceability of signed arbitration agreements and arbitration clauses addressed in employers’ handbooks, rules, and regulations

Personalized Service

Our Employment & Labor attorneys collaborate closely with clients to inform and guide them through the legal process. We are sensitive, supportive, and compassionate lawyers, and our pledge is to achieve optimum results through the law while preserving your dignity, reputation, and self-respect.

Let us assist you with your legal situation, so you can focus on the goals you were meant to achieve.