At its core, family law is about helping people conquer today’s obstacles while achieving what will matter to them 10 years from now.

When family relationships are broken, emotions run high, and what is emotionally satisfying today may not necessarily protect your legal rights, provide economic security, and preserve your relationship with your children tomorrow.

It is our goal to assist you in gaining stability and predictability after experiencing the tumult of a divorce or custody dispute as child support, alimony, interim support, and property division all have a lasting impact on your financial security.  We seek to achieve resolutions that withstand the test of time.

That’s why at the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen we provide legal advice and support that address your immediate needs, while logically and meticulously focusing on your “big picture.” Rest assured, we vigorously fight for your rights and work to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to by law. But we also understand the reality of family life. Parents most likely will have to work together for many years, even after a child reaches adulthood, and it is important to preserve your ability to do that. As life circumstances change, sometimes settlement agreements must change too. We can successfully guide you through new situations as they arise because we try not to destroy your ability to work with the other party.

We handle a full range of Family Law disputes including:

  • Divorce– protecting clients in no-fault and fault divorces
  • Property division– negotiating and enforcing equitable distribution of all marital assets including real estate, stock options, restricted stock, closely-held businesses, professional practices, complex partnerships, retirement plans, insurance plans, out-of-state property, trusts, cash, cars, and other high-value assets such as art and antiques
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements– negotiating and enforcing contracts entered into before or during marriage pertaining to finances or other marital issues
  • Domestic partnership agreements– negotiating and enforcing agreements made between two people who cohabitate but are not married
  • Separation of property for unmarried couples– dividing assets and debts of unmarried couples who are not subject to equitable distribution under Pennsylvania divorce law
  • Child custody– advocating for parents and other relatives, especially grandparents, in cases involving sole custody; joint custody; shared custody; physical custody; legal custody; parenting time; shared parenting; visitation; primary custody; partial custody; and modification of custody and visitation agreements
  • Child support– negotiating and litigating child support arrangements to protect children and provide peace of mind to the custodial parent
  • Alimony– negotiating and litigating alimony arrangements that allow a dependent spouse to continue the lifestyle to which he or she is accustomed
  • Interim support– negotiating and litigating interim support agreements to assist a dependent spouse during the transition to single life
  • Paternity actions– representing clients in lawsuits that can lead to custody, visitation, or financial support of a child
  • Protection from abuse– securing civil court orders protecting spouses and children from domestic violence
  • Dependency– representing parents in juvenile dependency actions when it is believed that a child may be at risk
  • Foster care– representing parents whose children have been placed in Pennsylvania’s foster care system
  • Adoptions– creating loving families by representing stepparents, same-sex partners, relatives, and non-relatives in adoption proceedings
  • Name changes– facilitating name changes for adults and children following divorce or other significant life events

Holistic Approach

Family Law disputes are seldom cut and dried. Sometimes they stretch beyond the traditional family unit and involve foster care or custody rights for members of the extended family, including grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Often, there is a ripple effect, where one necessary legal action triggers other issues that require legal attention. For instance, in protection from abuse litigation, when an abused family member obtains a court order of protection, that order can lead to eviction (affecting support and property division), separation from children (affecting child custody), and possible loss of employment opportunities (affecting alimony and child support). Frequently, there are complex financial portfolios at stake requiring forensic accounting.

Sometimes unmarried couples need Family Law services when they form committed relationships. Or they need to address child custody issues or divide assets and property when those relationships, unfortunately, do not work out.

And, of course, there are happy occasions, such as when loving families are formed through adoption.

Regardless of your circumstances, our Family Law attorneys are ready to tackle your complex legal issues with a holistic approach that carefully addresses all aspects of your situation, while staying a step ahead of corollary legal issues that may arise.

We Listen

What distinguishes our practice is the personal, responsive, and compassionate attention we give to each client. In short, we listen.

When you engage our office, we will take the time to hear your story, consider your feelings and emotions, and talk through the issues you are facing. Then we develop custom-tailored solutions that provide a clear path forward, while always considering all your options and wishes.

Let us help you conquer your legal situation, so you can enjoy a bright future with your family for many years to come.