Title Dispute Lawyers

Purchasers of real estate have the right to receive a clear title to the property. When buying real estate, the purchaser typically gets a title examination, as well as title insurance. Our lawyers have encountered many different title dispute issues which can hinder your interest in a property. Some of the issues we regularly see include tangled title, title disputes via estate issues, quiet title and ejectment issues, and equitable issues. When a dispute arises over the title of a piece of property, or fraud is involved, it is important to have a strong advocate on your side.

At the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, our title dispute attorneys bring decades of experience to handling real estate law cases for clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. You can be confident that we understand how to navigate the complexities of these cases in order to protect your property.

Efficient And Effective Resolutions

When a title dispute arises during the purchase or sale of a home or another piece of real estate in Pennsylvania, it can delay or even prevent the transaction from moving forward. Our goal is to find efficient and effective resolutions, preventing title disputes from increasing the cost and negatively impacting the transaction. We handle cases involving tangled title, title obtained by fraud, ejectment, and quiet title actions.

With quiet title actions and other processes, we can remove claims of all types. Our lawyers are prepared to address claims brought by heirs and representatives of deceased property owners, claims related to adverse possession, claims involving allegations of forged deeds, and more. We also handle cases involving missing deeds, priority disputes between lenders, coverage disputes between insured parties and title underwriters, and more.

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