Elder Law

At the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, we understand that there can be many difficult issues that arise when individuals reach a certain age.

Estate Planning: Every adult, and especially seniors, should have a will and/or trust, power of attorney and healthcare/declaration, which sets forth that person's wishes. Each of these documents have a specific purpose, and grants specific powers and should be prepared in conformity with legal requirements. We can advise you about these documents and prepare these documents for you.

Guardianships: Establishing a legal guardianship is often required with a senior who becomes temporarily or permanently incapacitation. Guardianships require specific legal procedures which must be handled through the court system. Our considerable experience involving guardianships will be of great assistance to you.

Probate: The probate process, whether one has a will or not, requires that specific legal steps be taken through a government agency or the legal system. We can assist in all probate matters including assisting an administrator or an executor navigate the process, providing representation if you have been accused of some wrongdoing in the probate process, and in providing representation in estate contests.

Disputes: If you have questions about an estate administration or probate process, including issues about undue influence, lack of capacity or inappropriate actions of someone administering an estate, we can assist

With four decades of experience on our side, we understand how to navigate the legal system so that our clients are placed in a situation which best enables them to protect the assets they have spent a lifetime acquiring. We can provide invaluable assistance and advice regarding Medicare and Medicaid/medical assistance issues for the purpose of helping you understand how these laws and issues affect your estate and protection of your assets.

Regardless of whether your issue involves estate planning, asset protection, estate administration and/or probate, or estate contests, contact us today for a consultation.